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Do you want to be a member of KIDS CITY?

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  1. Membership can be used once a day for 2 hours of playtime at any location on Monday-Friday. (example: If you already visited the Honolulu location, you cannot visit the Kapolei location on the same day)

  2. The monthly membership can not be used on state holidays, federal holidays, or weekends. For more information, please click 2023 Holiday Calendar

  3. Daily weekday activities at the Honolulu location are complimentary for members and it can be checked on the website calendar.

  4. No reservation is required however if you plan to come in the evening after 7pm, you must call.

  5. Some days may be closed for a private event or  maintenance and accurate business hours can be checked on our website, google, or yelp.

  6. Membership must be used by a designated person and cannot be transferred to someone else. Each individual must have their own membership.

  7. Membership fee is a one time payment.

  8. Membership can be paused only once. To pause the membership, you must provide a reason with supporting documents. 

  9. Pausing membership must be at least 1month and up to 3months.

  10. Memberships cannot be cancelled or refunded. 

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